Divide and Conquer

September 9th 2013
Justin and Jennifer Moody had court today where Margaret Osondu and Susan Blanton spoke to the Judge and presented their evidence, the family Justin and Jennifer were not allowed to enter anything but McKaila’s medical records.  Both social workers claimed that Justin did not work and that he took all of the wife (Jennifer’s) money. Justin tried to present tax returns for 3 years and showing he was head of household and that he worked more than 2 jobs at times even 3, as a matter of fact his employer was sitting in the gallery of the courtroom. Then the DSS workers attempted presented evidence of neglect and that the child had been burned 7 months ago. This is when the judge took into account the child’s medical records and the child was actually in the doctors office 7 months ago at the time of supposed burning,  In the end the judge ordered a hair test and an interview with McKaila, that was the only thing that the family actually heard the judge order. Later DSS had papers with so much more. Saying that if the family didn’t comply they would go to jail.
Later that day DSS showed up at Mike Moody’s home again where Justin and  Jennifer were at the time killing a few minutes before the doctor appointment they had scheduled for McKaila. DSS workers Osondu and Blanton said “oh we cancled that appointment for you no need to go we’ll get our own drug testing”. Well what about the rights of the family? Then the workers tried to single out the respondent parents but Justin and Jennifer would not allow this. Susan Blanton tried really hard to single out Jennifer and told her in a whisper as Justin was close by with his mother and father that she had taken a call from Jennifer asking for help and that if Jennifer would just run away from Justin she would get government housing and let her keep Mckaila otherwise she was going to take Mckaila from everyone. Jennifer told Susan Blanton that she had no interest in leaving Justin and that she never called DSS nor had she asked for help. Susan Blanton became very aggressive and said that Jennifer was a liar and that if she didn’t straighten up she was going to loose her kid she also said, that women had all the power and that DSS had more. That she didn’t want the child with Justin and would see to it that he lost her one way or another  -to “either get on board or go down with him”.
The Moody’s asked DSS to leave and said that they were late for the appointment and that they had called the doctor’s office and said even though DSS cancled it, it was still going to happen that the appointment was still open and, doctor said they could take it.

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